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It was such an incredible experience. I was terrified to get up in front of my classmates and teach, but soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone something incredible happened. A fire lit in my belly, my energy was flowing and I was no longer afraid. I can’t wait to get settled in Virginia Beach and start working on my practice again.

What have you done lately that has gotten you out of your comfort zone? (L.S)

Tim & Sylvie-I just wanted to say hello. Been thinking a lot about how far I have come since finishing my teacher training back in march of 2012. Looking back I realize that I chose the best possible foundation for building a career in yoga. After 2 years–and a cross-country move, I have finally been given the opportunity to teach and manage my sweet little studio full-time! I feel so honored and grateful to you both for the amazing education, support and business advice I recieved. You two are truly amazing and inspiring! Since YTT I have learned that through dedication, humility and patience we are all capable of reaching our goals and dreams. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (L.B.)

I’ve taken many many trainings, throughout the years and all over and this was by far the best training I have ever taken. (T.R.)

Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. What I learned from you guys has forever changed the way I look at yoga (in a VERY good way). Your emphasis on anatomy and science within every aspect of yoga has opened up a whole new world for me… that I never imagined. I am SO glad that somehow I ended up in St. Petersburg, FL all the way from Montana… I’m beginning to understand how MEANT it was for me to end up here… as unplanned as it was. Namaste… (C.M.)